machine footing

Machine footing is critical to operator safety, especially when accessing, exiting or working on inclines. Fatal accidents have occurred due to feet slipping and personnel falling out of machinery.

Safety Controls to improve Machine Footing

  • Inspect the condition of tread on shoes or boots; verify the tread is of equal depth and not flat or smooth.
  • Always use steps and handrails when available.
  • Verify steps and ladders are clean and tread is visible; no mud or debris.
  • Verify the steps and walking surfaces are completely dry.
  • Always maintain three points of contact on rails and steps while accessing and exiting (for example, two feet, one hand or two hands, one foot).
  • Inspect the condition of hand rails, steps and ladders; insure they are properly secured and in good condition.
  • If possible, apply anti-slip adhesive tape to handrails to improve grip.
  • Do not attempt to carry items up and down ladders if three points of contact cannot be maintained- place lunch pales, paper work, etc. on ledges as you climb up and down, or use a rope to hoist objects up after you have safely climbed to the cab.
  • Always pay attention to where you are going to step.
  • Do not get in a hurry; take the proper time to access and exit the machine.
  • Do not skip steps on the ladder or stairs; use each one.

Questions to Generate Discussion

  • What is the most frequent cause of slips on the machine you operate?
  • What improvements can be made to reduce this cause?

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