Are you looking for verification that encompasses your entire management process including product certification? Our ALL CHECK program might just be what you are looking for!

Designed to encompass not only a way to indicate that your products meet stringent quality, safety controls and inspections, but also a demonstration that you:

  • Meet legal requirements
  • Consider environmental issues when manufacturing, supplying or purchasing your product
  • Meet Labour Department regulations and good ethical business practices
  • Consider and work towards minimising energy usage in your production or supply chain
  • Demonstrate that you work according to health and safety requirements

Our ALL CHECK verification program is a new innovative way to show your clients that your company is committed and manages business ethically at all times, taking into consideration all risks associated with product and service supply.

The ISO range of management systems each function individually, some are designed for third party certification and others are designed as a guide on how to manage a system effectively. ALL CHECK encompasses completeness collectively as one mark scheme to show a client’s commitment and dedication to offering the best possible service and product as well as ensuring company sustainability through effective management.

All CHECK is a 10-point check that ensures reliability and consumer confidence in a product or service:

Why Quality

Quality of products and services are key to any operation. If your products and services are not up to standard consistently, you will find it hard to remain in business in today’s competitive markets. A well-managed quality system not only ensures continual sales, but reduces internal failure which in most cases is direct profit loss. A well-managed operation allows for preferential pricing and thus improved client relationships.

  • Quality Specification– Meeting design and manufacture specification for a product and service (ISO specification standard guide).
  • Quality Control– Ensuring consistency in the setup, manufacture and production of a product or quality control of a service provided to customers.
  • Quality Assurance– Ensuring there is overall quality in all aspects of the operation from sourcing suppliers to the final statement at point of sale.

Why Health and Safety

Safety in your business is imperative, especially when you have people on your property. Employee and customer health is of utmost importance. By having a well-managed health and safety system you not only ensure suitable controls are in place, but also ensure you meet legal requirements.

  • Safety– Product, service and site safety factors and conditions.
  • Health– Health issues regarding staff and customers- impacts, minimising and risk planning.

Why Environmental

Knowing that a product or service has been supplied in a manner where the environment has not been adversely affected is a great topic in today’s marketplace. Customers want to know that the environment has not been damaged during a production process or that the packaging used has the potential to be reused or recycled. By enforcing strict environmental controls through your company, your suppliers will follow suit- thus the overall process will have a large impact on reducing environmental risk.

  • Minimise environmental impact and improvements pertaining to services and products supplied.

Why Social Accountability

It is an easy action to turn a blind eye on where a product has been manufactured, how an animal has been treated in the process or how human rights have been affected. But, in reality, if you are selling a product or service you are liable to ensure human rights, ethics and morals are part of your business management process. The way you treat your staff allows for good business sustainability and investment. Clients want to know that a product has been developed and supplied humanly and companies need to have management systems in place to allow for good controls and transparency in this regard.

  • Human resources, legal and social input. Ethical practices in processing products.

Why Energy Management

In today’s world, energy resources are being eradicated at a high rate. Not many operations are considering reusable energy or measuring their energy demand or how they can reduce this. Over and above the minimisation of energy use, there is also a good cost saving in a well-managed energy plan.

  • Energy used to manufacture or provide a service. Energy reduction planning.

Why Information Security

In today’s digital information age it is imperative that a company has good management systems to protect their staff and customers digital information as best as possible. Customer information protection has become a huge issue due to identification theft and spam marketing, all affecting a potential client’s decision. Customers find comfort in knowing the POPI act and general data protection regulations have been adhered to. A company needs a management system to ensure they have adequate security in place for electronically stored data as well as site security.

  • Legal– Meeting statutory, by laws and product laws.
  • Aftermarket– Support, services and guarantees.

If you have considered all the above and either developed a management system to address these issues or alternatively implemented ISO management systems for each, we are able to assess your business to our stringent checks. If your score meets the required standard level, the All CHECK logo may be used. This will indicate that you have been independently assessed against the above and that your company offers a high standard of compliance.

It should be noted that this mark does not replace or indicate that a product meets a certain quality requirement, it only indicates that your total management process has been developed around the above requirements. This gives the consumer a very comfortable feeling knowing that you as a company have considered all the aspects when supplying your product to the marketplace under legal and ethical controlled conditions.