What is a Letter of Appointment 16.2?

The Occupational health and Safety act no 85 of 1993 point number 16.1, simply specifies that the CEO of any operation is accountable for ensuring the health and safety of all its work employees and people who might visit the company at all times.

The act also clearly specifies that, for the purpose of sub sections, the head of that company or department is deemed to be CEO.

The CEO is accountable for health and safety being entrenched at all times. The CEO may appoint suitable staff who are responsible for continual maintenance of health and safety in the company.


Letter of Appointment for 16.2

The appointment as a 16.2 simply means as per the Occupational health and Safety act no 85 of 1993 point number 16.2; that the CEO has appointed a senior staff member in the company / branch to ensure the OHS act is complied with and meets all legal requirements.

The 16.2, may now appoint a SHE Representative (Safety, Health and Environmental Representative) Who will carry out the day to day checks and report back to the 16.2 in the event of any potential risks regarding SHE.

The 16.2 will also appoint First aiders, Fire fighters and an incident investigator for the branch. These are the relevant appointments needed in the branches.

All letters of appointments must be dated and signed by the 16.2 and the delegate, and must be filed on the site where it is applicable in the ISO records file.


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