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Horse play is an activity that usually starts out with harmless intentions but may result in serious injury. Using tools or equipment in a manner for which they weren’t designed can create unsafe situations.

Tips and guidelines to help ensure a safe a productive work environment:

  • Do not disable or circumvent safety controls on equipment or machinery in any way.
  • Do not purposely startle someone. Doing so could create a reaction where the person could fall into equipment or get a limb caught in a pinch point, among other injuries.
  • Do not use equipment for any purpose other than what it was designed to do.
  • Do not play practical jokes on people.
  • Do not use materials and supplies for anything other than their intended use. once again, these materials are rated to perform under certain specifications. If they are used in a manner where there are excessive loads, temperatures, pressures etc., then they can become unsafe.

Note: horseplay can be interpreted as a form of hostile work environment. In many states and countries, there are laws and regulations that protect the workers from these environments. Do not lose your job for the sake of playing a joke or engaging in horseplay, always understand company policies related to horse play and hostile work environments.

Questions to Generate Discussion

Think of some instances where you engaged in horseplay, or were the recipient of a practical joke.

  • Were there safety hazards involved?
  • What were they?


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