Every day there are accidents on our roads. The type of accidents could be a vehicle to vehicle crash, a rollover or hitting a solid object. There may be fatalities or serious injuries. Investigators want to know what caused the accident and there are multiple choices to choose from. Causes such as driving under the influence, excessive speed, tiredness, lack of skill or overloading, are a few examples.

A speaker at a number of Saiosh conferences and a qualified investigator in his field, Craig Proctor Parker, considered the effect of underinflated tyres. His study asked the question along the lines of “Are there visible signs from an underinflated tyre that could warn a driver of a potential disaster waiting to happen?”

Craig, from Accident Specialists, has written a report of a project he conducted to test the question.The battle in preventing accidents is to understand the basic cause or causes.

Download and read the full report: Underinflated tyre case study report

Article Source: http://www.saiosh.co.za/news/265809/Underinflated-Tyre—Case-Study–Research-.htm

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