Wysersdrift Primary School Stationary Drop Off

After much preparation, the day finally came to drop off all the stationary that had been collected and sorted. We have decided to support a farm school based just outside of Worcester. Wysersdrift Primary School is an Afrikaans farm school with a total of 200 students. The school has one class per grade and consists of Grade R to Grade 6.

What a delight it was to visit this little school! Set in amongst the vineyards in a beautiful part of the Western Cape. We are so happy we could help them out with stationary and look forward to supporting them continually!

Thank you to all that helped donate to this stationary drive!

Have a look at these snaps to see the smiles on their faces 🙂

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Pen and Paper donations for the Isolomzi Outreach Programme

Image of Pens and Pencils

Every year Rondebosch Boys High School gathers donations and supplies and take a trip through to the Eastern Cape to educate students and the school Isolomzi. These students are in fact very smart but they lack the basic resources needed for a sound education.

Image of Pens and Pencils

Sancert is proud to have been involved in this initiative for the fist time this year. We understand that many privileged students have extra pens, books and paper which they get rid of at the end of each year in order to start fresh the next year. Sancert set out to collect these unwanted, but still usable, pens and paper so that we could sort through it and give them to the Isolomzi school. We were fortunate enough to be able to collect a number supplies by placing a “pen and paper” box at a number of schools. These boxes were then collected and sorted. Pencils were sharpened, pens in good working condition were kept, files were cleaned and relabelled and any other stationary collected was donated.

Bring on Isolomzi outreach 2015!

Image of files  Image of Pen and Paper boxes

Kelly Nel, one of the students from Cedar house, Kenilworth, who donated stationary.

image of student