Sancert Annual Conference 2018

On 29 June 2018, Sancert held its annual strategy conference at Hotel Verde in Cape Town.

One of the primary reasons why Sancert makes use of the facilities at Hotel Verde is because it is the greenest hotel in Africa and they offset all carbon produced by our conference attendance on our half. This ties in with our environmental impact which Sancert is continually aware of.

Click here to see our Carbon Footprint Certificate

Thank you Hotel Verde for always looking after us so well! See you in 2019 when we measure our growth over the year and discuss future exciting plans!

Happy Sancert Cycling the Cape Town Cycle Tour


This past weekend we supported our SANCERT and THE HAPPY PROJECT athletes while they took part in the 40th Edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2018 (Also known as The Argus Cycle Tour).

The cyclists had an early start to their Sunday morning having to get ready at the start line in the city center in  order to complete the long and scenic route of 109km around the peninsular.

A great time was had by all, the support was incredible and the smiles where wide all over.


Well Done Team SANCERT!

Tip of the Month- 6. Health & Safety Rule

Report ALL accidents and near misses!

Research has shown that, on average, for every major injury at work there are up to 200 non-injury accidents (near misses). This pattern is sometimes portrayed as an iceberg with the injuries as the visible tip of the iceberg and the near misses hidden under the surface.  Each of these near misses is a potential learning opportunity that could help the company prevent more serious accidents. Staff  have a very important role in reporting both accidents and near misses and the company procedures and reporting forms can be found on the intranet or you can ask your senior.

Please remember that if you are ever involved in an accident or near miss you could prevent a more serious accident to a friend, colleague or anyone else by spending the few minutes it takes to report!


Near Misses