The best gift is giving!

Its not often that we realise how the invention of a small functional tool can have such a massive impact on our lives. One such tool is a watch. Being able to tell the time is one thing, but being able to tell the time whilst looking stylish is another!

Over the past festive season, we here at The HAPPY Project made it our mission to add a bit of bling to the Victoria Lodge Community in Cape Town. This was sure to add a smile to many excited little faces.

Christmas is a time when many fortunate children receive gifts of all shapes and sizes. The gift of giving is the best sort of gift in our opinion! More than 50 sweet packs and over 35 watches were distributed to children of The Victoria Lodge Feeding Scheme in December 2017, a small gift to make each of them feel special. The best part of it all was the politeness and kindness in which it was received.



The HAPPY Project urges you to do the same no matter what time of the year it is!

There is no beauty without happiness- Christian Dior

The HAPPY Project

We have been working hard to spread as much happiness around as possible this year, this being said we thought it would be more suitable to change our name to “THE HAPPY PROJECT” to better explain what we do.


The HAPPY Project focuses on putting a smile on a face, on uplifting our community and on making people happy. We are eager to do this in any way possible, be it donations, hosting sports days, teaching a skill or spreading the love!

We believe that South African’s have so much talent, passion and energy that is just waiting to be revealed! If we can make a positive influence on someones life, we have achieved our mission!